For you are, Here

We sailed across these mountains, friend. 
We didn’t know where to go. 
It didn’t seem to matter what we did then
But, oh Lord, now we know. 
(oh Lord, now we know.) 

That we’re here to love
We’re here to be set free
We’re here and we are alive
Yes, we are alive. 

Now, listen brother, I know you feel wronged
and I’m an open ear. 
But please put down your sad songs, 
lift up your head and listen clear
(lift up your head and listen clear) 

Know you are loved
Know you can be set free
See, I know this life isn’t easy. 

And you’ll face trial; I know I do. 
But rest assured, there’s someone out there that loves you so
So live with your heart's open, 
let the subway chambers inside your arms whistle a song of redemption
For the wind at your back is calling out for you
For the sun in the sky, oh, how it yearns to warm you

For you are, here
For you are, now
For you are, here


© 2015 Anthony Alvarado